Why and how sugar is addictive?

Apart from obvious reasons why sugar is no good for us, there are other reasons to take into considerations, especially this season as we transit into a new weather conditions and immune system seeks adjustments. Sugar suppresses the immune system.

Sugar is no good for kids as it excites, triggers hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulties in concentration. Other examples; in adults it exacerbates the macular degeneration and leads to chromium deficiency which we already are prone to as the consequence of overfarming, sugar leads to formation of the kidney stones.

Another reason oftentimes overlooked is that sugar interferes with the absorption of calcium and magnesium and, causes copper deficiency. Copper is involved in normalised functions of many enzymes, such as cytochrome c oxidase. Enzymes play the roles of catalysts in our body. In case of copper they are responsible for iron transportation, antioxidant and free radicals scavenging and neutralisation, and neurotransmitter synthesis. Indeed the consumption of sugar can be responsible for our anaemia and fatigue, quite the opposite what we tend to think. The balance is a fine line.

It is the best to consume copper through diet and deficiencies are rare when nutrition is balanced, but it may occur. Copper can be found in while grain cereals, legumes, oysters, organ meat (especially liver), cherries, dark chocolate, fruits, leafy green vegetables , nuts, prunes, tofu. The lack of copper is known to trigger blood inefficiencies and manifesting in anaemia or leukopenia (low white blood cell count) and neutrophils – a type of white blood cells that are called “the first line of defence” for the immune system. Scientific research has linked copper to future leukaemia development and more recent studies suggest copper relation to neurological manifestations.

The consumption of sugar which doesn’t come through nutritionally valuable sources (fruits and veggies) is more than a caries and diabetes causing agent. For those with particular sweet teeth who are trying to wind off sugar stevia is good, available in all good health stores and supermarkets, also a bit of Manika honey or add a bit of raisins, you also may try coconut sugar and its suitable for baking too. Our body is incredibly generous to us and possesses some utterly clever mechanisms giving us plenty of opportunity to change – taste buds are renewed every 15 days, just imagine! we are a true masters of ourselves, we can acquire and develop new tastes just as we acquire and develop so very many other things in our life time.