Which tongue are you?

Our bodies are wonderful, so truly amazing, giving away many signals to make sure we stay well and know every instance about how we really are. These days we are accustomed to examining our breasts and testicles already, but so many other parts of the body hold important signs about the state of our health. Some of them are red flags that even may save lives. Tongue is one of them.

Normal healthy tongue is pink with fine white coating, slightly moist and is neither too big nor too small for the mouth.

Each part of the tongue corresponds to the condition of the organ. To see the condition of the heart one for instance, looks at the extreme tip of the tongue… The progress of illness is also shown on the tongue. As illness improves the quality of the coating (it also called fur or moss) and the colour become more normal. If the illness worsens so will the tongue and its coating.

It the tongue is red overall or in one area, this indicates the presence of fever or inflammation that is attacking the organ system. The heart, lungs and liver are most vulnerable to damage by heat, which shows up as red on the tip and edges of the tongue.

This map of the tongue will help to get to know one another…

These are some of the questions to ask oneself while looking at the tongue:

What colour is the tongue?
Does it fit nicely inside the mouth?
Does it get dry?
What is the coating colour and thickness like first thing in the morning? (before you scrape it)
Any noticeable pronounced teeth marks on the sides?
Has it different texture/ patterns or it is quite homogenous?