What’s in the Lunch Box?

Kids are back to school soon.

The beginning of any school year can influence your kids’ confidence, academic performance, social encounters and overall attitude – it’s important to make sure they are properly prepared. To make things easier, we share top three tips to help your children, and you, get ready for a great start:

Re-establish ROUTINE – Have your child practice getting up and dressed at the same time each day, and, if possible, take it a step further and plan a morning activity that will require them to leave the house at a specific time.

NOURISH them – Making sure kids have time for a healthy breakfast is extremely important, as it has been proven that children who are well nourished perform better in school. A healthy lunch with snacks is also important to ensure their energy levels and concentration remain optimal throughout the day. Finally, having healthy snacks on hand for when they arrive home will decrease the chances of them overindulging in foods full of sugar and empty calories.

Set a CONSISTENT BEDTIME – At least eight hours of sleep per night is vital for mental and physical wellbeing, and the best way to achieve a good sleep is to follow a set bedtime.