Stomach acid is critical for gut health

If we suffer from stomach discomfort, pain, heartburn, reflux, etc., we can try with a simple acid self test at home whether the problem is caused by excess or low stomach acid. When we have the pain, swallow a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. If this makes the pain to go away, most likely the we are talking about low stomach acid. If it makes symptoms worse, then it’s overly acidic stomach.

For rapid pain relief drink a large glass of room temperature or warm water. If there is an excess stomach acid it will dilute it and flush it away. Don’t consume dried foods, coffee, carbonated drinks, decrease refined carbohydrates. Instead of drinking soda, make a habit of drinking clean water with a bit of (fresh) lemon or lime juice added.

Reduce stress.

Chew food thoroughly.