Our health starts in our mouth

Our health starts in our mouth

Cleaning teeth with traditional salts or pastes, fluoride free, and cleaning tongue to eliminate harmful bacteria is essential for our wellbeing and vibrant health. Our health starts in the mouth. The cause of bad breath is bacteria which live and grow on the back of the tongue. Tongue has deep grooves (the taste buds in the back called papillae) and bacteria thrive within these grooves. Bacteria grow and are indeed directly responsible for the bad smells that emanate from the mouth. Bacteria in this mouth environment don’t get much oxygen and lack of oxygen helps it grow and thrive. The smell from the mouth is the smell of the thriving growing bacteria within papillae.

Steps to follow:

– Brush teeth gently with un down and down up movements for 3 minutes

– Rinse with water

– Clean the tongue with Tongue Spatula (never clean the tongue with the same object -brush as you clean teeth with)

– Rinse with natural clove mouth rinse.

Tools to have in the bathroom:

– Medium hard toothbrush (do not use hard bristle toothbrush, especially if sensitive teeth or gums, the hardness of the bristle is not related to how well the teeth are cleaned, change the brush every 3 months)

– Per Blan Tooth powder (can be purchased in the nearest health store or ordered right in the store) or any other toothpowder or toothpaste free of fluoride

– Dentie Japanese Toothpowder (you can buy it on internet or order it in your nearest health store)

– A small crystal glass

– Essential Clove Oil

– Tongue scrubber

– Fine dental wax free floss (when gums and teeth are sensitive the use of sticks or not particularly fine dental floss is not recommended as it’s action worsens condition)

Japanese clean their teeth with Organic bamboo salts and are known to have strong teeth….