Genetic destiny accounts for 15% – rest is lifestyle

We can overcome our genetic destiny. Not only can we override our genes by taking good care of ourselves, we could even change how they function. A growing field of research is looking at how lifestyle choices affect our genetic makeup.

Behaviours don’t change the genes themselves. They change the way the genetic information is used to make the proteins that control different body functions.

“The idea is that there are different ways that you can activate or inactivate genes based on what you do in your lifestyle,” says Adam Rindfleisch, MD. He is an associate professor in family medicine and fellowship director of integrative medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

No matter what your genetic makeup, you can avoid diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease by adopting a few healthy habits:

-Eat a healthy diet.
-Exercise often.
-Control your weight.
-Don’t smoke.
-Reduce stress.

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