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On-line programmes are very covenient and effective

‘The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.’ – Thomas A. Edison
Series of assessment tools are used to monitor the progress and the effectiveness of the ITPs (Individual Treatment Plans).

Each on-line consultation lasts an hour (the first one is 1.5 hours though).

There is a free 30-minute introductory conversation for new Skype clients. So if you think this is not for you at least we have met each other and had a nice chat. There is no obligation from either of us until we are both sure we can work together on your needs.

Should you wish to take up a Programme following our introductory conversation, I will be happy to advise you on the appropriate one for you. We will work hand in hand to make you feel better – and the chances are you will!

Individual Services

  • Initial 30 minutes chat to meet and have the opportunity to ask questions,get to know each other and confirm credentials and suitability
  • 90 minutes initial individual nutrition consultation
  • 60 minutes follow-up consultation

Personal Programmes

RC Advantage

This package provides an affordable option to evaluate the client’s nutritional health every 6 weeks and a total of 3 assessments over the period of 24 weeks.

On-line programme is based on 4’5-hr package


This package provides an affordable option to evaluate the clients nutritional health over 12 weeks, the follow-up consultations every 6 weeks and a total of 2 assessments.

On-line programme is based on 3-hr package.

Nutritional programme includes:

  • Medicinal cooking recipes
  • Hygiene the natural way

Natural programme offers:

  • Gourmet medicinal lessons at your home
  • Shopping trips to understand what to buy and why to buy it
    *optional at additional cost

Please get in touch for more information that will help you make the the right decision. I will be happy to guide you to chose right.

Other services offered

  • One-to-one
  • Group (for example to a whole family)
  • Cross Treatments (referring to other specialists if and when is appropriate and of mutual accord)
Clinic hours

Monday through Saturday by appointment only
How to reach the Clinic:

Phone +34 687 134 131
Skype: Consultations on Skype

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