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Khelga Coopper is a practicing nutritional therapist, co-founder of Roschbach + Coopper nutrition and naturopathy practice – the entrance to the world of understanding how our body works and what it needs.

Everyone can be and stay healthy and beautiful. Food is health and health is freedom.

Growing older is a work of art

Growing older is inevitable but healthy food choices and active habits can extend lives and make us feel and look young.

The body is the life engine of synthesis of millions of processes and reactions within our organism.

It is important to understand how it functions in order to maintain cells healthy, and  prepared to repair if need be.

Some of the typical signs of ageing:

  • energy decrease
  • tendency to illnesses
    (arthritis, diabetes, memory loss, cardiac problems)
  • skin elasticity loss
  • thinning hair
  • easy body fat gain
  • progressive muscle mass lost.

Our philosophy is based on four concepts


‘It is much more important to know what sort of patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has.’ – Sir William Osler

All people differ from one another, the difference is physical and in the efficiency of our internal functions and structures.

Food affects us differently, we have different sensitivity to the environment, supplements affect us differently, etc. Hence the focus is on individual nutrition goals by designing individual treatment programmes, monitoring the changes and onset benefits.


‘Opening one’s heart and mind goes beyond curing one’s body; it’s actually the first step toward healing one’s entire life.’

Applying individuality, we equipe our clients with an understanding of foods and nutrition.

As the result, you come to understand the processes and reactions in the body that make you feel in a certain way, the physiology and roots of discomforts if any and, consume foods that impact and take care of the way you feel physically, in mind and spirit.

Proactive Client

We use tools to enable you exame your own lifestyle and nutritional habits and set out the changes you wish and the objectives you want to achieve.

The client is able to meassure the effectivenenss of the treatment plan by feeling visible improvement in health and overall well being. IT is the ultimate encouragement to continue.

We offer Food Tools and personal guidance to make it real.

Education & Plain Language

Simple and clear concepts conducive to learning, understanding and respecting own self and the environment around.

It is human nature to love and apply what we comprehend and, this is achieved through education, through ultimately taking interest on what fuel our functions and structures require and why.

Nutrition made simple.

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